A Week in Snapshots: ❊14/05/12-20/05/12❊

It feels like we have finally settled back into a routine although we did have a holiday last Thursday. The upside to this long weekend, as it was for most, but not for us, was that the flow of traffic was actually fluent! We were able to ride to different places without getting stuck in traffic for hours at a time, yay! Evan had a Mother’s Day presentation at his preschool but of course he refused to sing and dance and decided to play with a train instead. Two playgroups and a failed attempt to swim later, both boys had a performance with their Kindyroo class at a mall. Josh did great, Evan was actually willing to perform until he saw daddy by the stage and decided taking pictures was more fun than actually performing. It’s so funny how their personalities are so evident even this young. When Evan was 5 months old he would fuss until we started moving and he would refuse to smile at people contrary to Josh who is a big flirt and loves attention. I love my two boys so much and I’m just so grateful to God for their lives and their daddy’s life. What are you grateful for today?

8 thoughts on “A Week in Snapshots: ❊14/05/12-20/05/12❊

    • Yeah, I was so excited! That’s the only thing I like about Idul Fitri, too. We went to the mall on Saturday and were able to eat at a restaurant without waiting for 20 minutes for a table.

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