A Week in Snapshots: ❊28/05/12-03/06/12❊

Wow, we are halfway thru 2012 and time has really flown by! We’ve definitely had our share of adventures and misadventures and we are so thankful to God for everything. Joshua is turning 6 months next week and Evan has become a remarkable big brother. I don’t have so many pictures from this week, or rather I do, but they are from our trip to Singapore so I won’t bore you with the same pics twice and will rather write about Singapore in a couple of posts next week. Have a fantastic week!

2 thoughts on “A Week in Snapshots: ❊28/05/12-03/06/12❊

  1. I love the photo of your hubby looking at Evan drink tea. Evan does like tea! You are so beautiful in the photo waiting for a dessert. 🙂

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