A Week in Snapshots: ❊11/06/12-17/06/12❊

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all dadas, daddies, papas and fathers out there. What a blessing it is to have you in our lives. Even though moms can care for the kids when they feel sad or sick, daddies build up their confidence and make them grow to be better men and women. I wish my dad and I were in the same city so I could give him a big hug and he could play with the boys. I’m so grateful for my husband and the amazing paternal instincts he has. I would consider myself an accomplished mom if my two boys turn out like their daddy.

This week we had so much fun going to several playgroups, a beautiful birthday party, and working on a card for daddy. Evan went on a field trip to Burger King and made his own burger. We explored our neighborhood and went swimming a couple of times.  I went on a tour of China Town where the sights and smells left and indelible impression in my mind. More on that coming up.

Have a wonderful week!

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