A Week in Snapshots: ❊23/09/12-30/09/12❊

Wow, I was actually able to sit down for five minutes and write a little bit about our week! We’ve been in Jakarta for about three weeks now and our days have been long, crazy and above all fun! My dad is getting ready to go back to Mexico and I still don’t know how the boys are going to handle the change. They didn’t let him have his room to himself for even one night!

We got back from Bali on Wednesday and enjoyed meeting new friends yesterday. Today we had an awesome brunch and met with friends to go for a swim. I feel like we will be settling better in the next few days. I have tons of things to write about. I haven’t even written about our European Vacation and I have a few more tips to write about Bali and so many cool new places to share about Jakarta.

I’m just taking it a day at a time and enjoying my two boys to the fullest. Joshua is getting such a fun personality! He screams of joy and anger all the time! He’s defending himself from Evan’s evil schemes and is really eager to walk. Evan is such a little boy. He loves to swim and is so intrepid. I am so grateful to God for my amazing family. The husband is still amazing and still our super hero. I found a new Bible Study in the most random way and I’ve been learning so much. Today I’m just bursting with joy and thankfulness for this time, for having my dad here, for the opportunity to raise a family with an amazing man and for the people I meet along the way that mark my life in ways only God could have conceived.

So, here are just a few pictures of our week. I hope to get back on a routine soon and start working on new informative posts on how to survive, and even better, enjoy traveling with little ones!

 Happy First Week of October!

4 thoughts on “A Week in Snapshots: ❊23/09/12-30/09/12❊

  1. Aack — October already?! Crazy. It looks like you’ve got your hands quite full but are enjoying it to the fullest. Looking forward to reading about tus vacaciones!

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