A Week in Snapshots: ❊November 19-25,2012❊

A week in snapshots is finally back, or at least for now until Santa starts getting busy and preparing for Christmas!

This week has certainly been a busy one. Then again, which week isn’t??? We celebrated Thanksgiving with good friends on Thursday and on the days before that and after I was either preparing for Thanksgiving or preparing things for Joshua’s first birthday party, or celebrating my birthday. The rainy season is here and we enjoy a couple of hours of rain almost every day. The problem is when we are stuck in the car while it rains. The ride can get very long….

On Monday I delighted in the Dharmawangsa’s Afternoon Delight Tea with my good friend The Diplomatic Wife. On Tuesday I took to boys to Miniapolis in Plaza Indonesia. Although we were not able to spend the whole day there Evan loved riding on the train a few times and Joshua loved the carrousel. They both had a blast in the Noah’s Ark area. This was Joshua’s first time there and I was surprised to see him enjoy it so much although he is not walking yet! I will definitely have to take them back sometime soon!

On Wednesday we celebrated the first birthday of one of Joshua’s closest friends, Paolo.  We had a great time sharing with good friends and reminiscing on how much the little guys have grown since they met about 8 months ago! Afterall, they have spent a lot of time together at Kindyroo and mostly hanging out while their mommies chat.

For my birthday I received amazing presents from my friends and family. The husband got me jewelry, my parents sent me a new camera lens, our housekeeper and nanny  were so thoughtful and got me batik plates from kedaung (they know I love to throw parties), my good friends from Guatemala got me a gorgeous purse and two of my closest girlfriends in Jakarta got me a voucher for a massage at the Four Seasons!!! I’m a lucky girl! They all know me so well! For my birthday dinner we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Ocha and Bella (I will have to write about it soon since I just love it!). There was live music and my friend Nazira snuck out while we were having dinner and had them sing happy birthday to me and bring a delicious tiramisu confection. Don’t worry, I did share it with everyone!

Saturday was a fun fun day! We got invited to Miniapolis and Plaza Indonesia’s Christmas Tree Lighting Party. It was such a fun event for all of us. Joshua was mesmerized by the singing and dancing. Evan was excited to meet Santa Claus and the Miniapolis bunny. On Sunday we went to church and helped the boys rehearse for their Christmas presentation next week. Over all we had a fun and fulfilling week!

I wish you all a week full of blessings!

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