A Week in Snapshots: ❊December 10-16,2012❊

My heart is aching for the families in Newtown, Connecticut. Every time I watch the news or read a new article about it I get a tear-eyed and try not to hug the boys too hard. I can’t believe something like this is happening, yet again. My thoughts and constant prayers go out to those who are in the midst of this tragedy and those who even from afar are living this horrible experience like many of us are.


Life in Jakarta is blazing in Christmas spirit. The Holiday parties are endless and our schedules have been crammed with dozens of activities and get-togethers. To be honest I has a bit upset not to be able to leave Jakarta for Christmas but now I’m glad that we are still here enjoying spending time with our good friends and relaxing waiting to celebrate the birthday of Jesus.


This week was full of parties; we attended 2 birthday parties, 2 christmas parties, and a baby shower. I’ve already shared with you how I love to host parties and this week was no exception as we hosted a baby shower for our good friends who will be having their baby in February. We also attended a birthday for one of Evan’s friends from school and a first birthday party for one of Joshua’s friends. I attended the Iberoamerican Association Christmas Café and a super fun Christmas party hosted by my good friend Michele. She did an amazing job with the food and we had a fun gift exchange at her party. Too bad for my hubby since he got a girly present so I got to keep two! Today was so much fun. We had brunch at a friend’s house and spent hours just chilling and letting the kids play.

We are looking forward to a new week full of fun activities and getting ready for Christmas.

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “A Week in Snapshots: ❊December 10-16,2012❊

  1. You guys sound so busy but such a fun busy! Merry Merry Christmas and I hope its a blessed and joyful and peaceful Christmas for you all!

    • Hey Dani! I thought I had replied to this! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!! THe last few weeks have finally slowed down a bit but I do miss the routine!!!

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