La Costeña Por Sabor

A couple of days ago I got an email from the Mexican Embassy in Jakarta informing us that the Mexican company La Costeña had started selling their products in Indonesia. Mexicans all over the world know this brand and trust it to be a simple and flavorful way to add a bit of Mexican flare to their meals.

If you live in Jakarta and love authentic Mexican food, then you know how big a deal this is. If you don’t, please know this IS a big deal for all us Mexican foodies! It is was almost impossible to find good salsas and canned beans and jalapenos in Jakarta. Trust me, Tex-Mex just doesn’t have the same flavor as real Mexican food. I used to make all our visitors haul all kinds of products from Mexico in exchange for room and board. From now on, I will ask for different treats as I can now find La Costeña products at Grand Lucky, Kem Chicks, Ranch Market, Hero and the Food Hall. Yay!

Loteria!!! I found them in Grand Lucky!

When we lived in Bangkok I never “suffered” from Mexican food deprivation. Thru a group of Mexican friends I met a lovely Mexican lady named Faustina who alongside her Thai husband owns a Mexican food company that distributes tortillas, chips, salsas, burritos, tamales among other delicious things. El Charro Mexico-Thai offers very authentic products that are freshly made in Bangkok. Not only do they sell their products at Villa and Foodland, they also cater! I had them cater my husband’s and Evan’s birthday party. I still crave their flour tortillas and ask my husband to bring some to Jakarta whenever he visits Bangkok. If you want your Mexican party to be deliciously catered in Bangkok, contact Faustina Vise at You won’t regret it!

And for all those Mexicans or honorary Mexicans in Jakarta, make sure you register at the Mexican Embassy and follow them on Facebook so you don’t miss out on all the fun events they hold, specially the Fiesta de Independencia in September.

I hope you find some yummy chips and salsa and Buen Provecho!

7 thoughts on “La Costeña Por Sabor

  1. Oh cool! TD (The Diplomat) and I love Mexican flavors though we hardly know what is real Mexican as we suspect that the stuff we have in the Philippines is not authentic. I haven’t found a good Mexican resto here in Jakarta so chili and tacos is a part of our weekly menu. Thanks for recommending this brand. I will definitely try it out!

    • I bet what you find in the Philippines is more authentic than what you can find here hahaha. I do like Hacienda, though. This is a very traditional brand in Mexico so I’m sure you will enjoy its authenticity. Happy cooking and even happier eating!

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  3. Hi I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I have a question (I know you’re from Jakarta but I just moved to Yogya so maybe you can help me)
    I really am dying for Mexican food. Do you know where I can find mexican ingredients or products in Yogyakarta? Maybe you can connect me to someone? I really am having serious food withdrawals 😦

    • Hi Geneva! Thanks for your nice comments! I’m so sorry but I don’t know anyone in Yogya…. I would be happy to send you some stuff from here if you want me to! The Mexican products just got here about 6 months ago so I’m sure they will get there at some point…

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