Expat Life

Life as an expat family can be challenging, difficult and sometimes frustrating. However, it is always, enriching, life-altering, mind-opening and above all, fun! Raising Third Culture Kids is a big task but one that I’m sure will reap many benefits in the future.

Here are some of the posts I’ve written about living overseas. Some are practical tips on how to settle down and feel “home” others are reflections on the past challenges and obstacles we’ve encountered. All of them come from my heart and my experiences, both good and bad. I hope you find them useful and be sure I will keep updating this page as new challenges arise, new goals are met and new adventures are fulfilled.

Living La Vida Loca (Or, How to survive life abroad while raising kids)

Practical Advice

❊Ten Tips to Settling Down with your Kids

❊How to throw a Fabulous Party while Overseas without Overspending

How to Survive the Expat Exodus

❊Finding Alternatives: 5 Asian Snacks Toddlers will love

The Real Deal

❊Reflections on our first year in Jakarta: Life takes you unexpected places, Loves brings you home

Third Culture Kids

❊Ni de Aquí, Ni de Allá: Los Niños de la Tercera Cultura, Relaciones Locales, Almas Globales (English version coming soon)

❊The Beauty of Bilingualism

❊At Home Abroad

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