{Expat Life} Surviving Summer: How to enjoy being “home” without going “home”

Summer, the time of the year where the biggest event in the expat community takes place: the Expat Exodus. Most everybody takes advantage of the school holidays to repatriate at least for a few weeks and enjoy quality family time, real barbecue grilled burgers, fresh (vs. frozen) berries, good root beer, and very possibly some … Continue reading

Take a deep breath, close…

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, tap your heels three times and think there’s no place like home. You might still be in the same place but don’t worry if it feels different and unknown. Whichever new Oz you arrive at, get to met the local scarecrow, cowardly lion and tin man and hurry to visit the Wizard. At the end of the Yellow Brick Road you will always find your home!

Just a little piece of advice my expat friends who’ve just moved into their new home.

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