{Fabulous Jakartan Friday} Ariel, the Fun Greek Expat Mom

This is a series of interviews of fabulous people who live, breathe and thrive in Jakarta. We will feature expats and Indonesians who call the Big Durian home in hopes to give all of you a glimpse of what life is all about in Jakarta. I would love to have different perspectives on our Fabulous … Continue reading

What’s on in Jakarta

This is a small article I wrote about the biggest festivals and events that happen annually in Jakarta. You can find the article published in the Expat Arrivals website. What’s on in Jakarta Jakarta’s cultural and entertainment scene is as diverse as its people, customs and neighborhoods.  Several annual events are popular among the expat … Continue reading

Ni de aquí, Ni de allá: Los niños de la tercera cultura; relaciones locales, almas globales

Disclaimer: Please excuse the fact that this article is in Spanish but it is an article I wrote that was published in the IberoAmerican Association Quartely Magazine “El Pregonero”. If you speak Spanish, enjoy, if you don’t, No Hay Problema and come back soon for the English version. Y tú, ¿De dónde eres? Una pregunta … Continue reading