Jakarta Life

So you are thinking about moving to the Big Durian, or you are already here and trying to make sense of it all. Here you will find a few tips to make like in Jakarta easier and some interviews featuring different Jakartan residents (whether Indonesian or expats).

Moving to Jakarta

Moving to Jakarta Part 1: Housing, Household Help, Preschools and Medical Care

Moving to Jakarta Part 2 :What to bring, Culture Shock, and Every Day Life


Fabulous Jakartan Friday Interviews

Anne, the Intrepid and Kind American Mom

Ariel, the Fun Green Expat Mom

Ayu, the Indonesian Crafty Mompreneur

Cindy, the Bustling Singaporean Working Mom

Diana, the Adventurous Jamaican Filmmaker and Writer

Ingried, the Creative Indonesian Party Expert and Mom

Isaura, the Indonesian Gourmet Pastry Chef

Kaho, the Chic Japanese Blogger Mom

Maureen, the Westernized Indonesian

Melissa, the Singaporean Pilates Instructor

Sarah, the Stylish Aussie Mom

The Diplomatic Wife

Winarti, the Indonesian Creative and Artsy Mom


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