Find: Indoguna Meatshop

You might wonder what on earth I’m doing talking about a meatshop in Indonesia but this place is worth writing about. As many expats in Jakarta have probably noticed by now, good steak is very hard to find. If you happen to find it, it will probably be at Ranch Market, Kem Chicks or the FoodHall and you will pay the “bule” price for fresh New Zealander, Australian and US beef.

This is where Indoguna comes in. This shop is the source of all that beef you pay hundreds of thousands of Rupiah for! Indoguna is the distributor of all the good meat at the high-end supermarkets. Getting rid of distribution channels definitely lowers the price and increases the freshness!

Be warned that the place is always crowded but they have very helpful and efficient staff. They offer your typical shabu-shabu, minced beef, and sirloin steak among other staples. They sell excellent wagyu beef and lamb. We specially enjoy their Australian wagyu mini- hamburger patties. You will also find frozen turkeys and seafood.  On occasion they get special cuts and fresh seafood and although I get disappointed when I don’t find the same product again, this is evidence of how fresh everything really is.

If you are looking for excellent quality, freshness and great value, check them out.


Jl. Cipaku I No.11

Kebayoran Bar, Jakarta 12170

Tel: 021 722 2050

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