Riding the Local Train


We did it, we rode the local train and we survived! It’s not like it’s a huge challenge but when you see people riding on top of the train and lots of crowds it does seem a bit scary.


Waiting for the train with our driver Pak Harry

The four of us waiting to ride on the train


Evan was very excited to see the trains pass by

We decided to do it on a Saturday morning as to avoid the huge crowds. The train was full but not sardine-like full. Everybody was excited to see the bule family riding the train and we took advantage of that as they let Evan have a sit.

Waiting in Cikini

I was pleasantly surprised to find a clean train with AC. There are special carts at the front of the train that can be used exclusively by women. The seats are not bad and the ride is very smooth. We rode from the Cikini station close to our apartment to Kota, in the old city center.


Daddy and Evan in the train

What's out there???

Joshua enjoyed the ride, too!

Buying tickets in Kota

At the Kota train station


Photo op with the security guard at the train station

Of course Evan was very excited to ride the same train he sees pass by from the windows in our apartment. Now every time we drive past the station or walk near it, he wants to go upstairs and get on the train. I’m not so sure when that will happen again.

Evan made a new friend

The train is the perfect place to play with trucks!

Overall, I would definitely give it another try if I was going to Monas or again to Kota and didn’t feel like driving in traffic, however I would be sure to avoid rush hour and maybe stick to riding on the weekend early in the morning.

Bye bye train!

8 thoughts on “Riding the Local Train

  1. Ana, your blogging is prolific and very enjoyable to follow. We have often thought of riding the trains but have not found the opportunity or the courage to do so – your pictures don’t look like the trains we see stuffed full with humanity who also perch precariously, often asleep, on top of the carriages here in South Jakarta.

    • Thanks for your encouraging words! The train is always very crowded around our neighborhood, too. That’s why we did it early in the morning on a saturday I’m not sure I would try it again on any other day. Maybe during Idul Fitri…

    • We love riding the train, too. I wish we could do it more often. I can’t wait to take the kids to Europe and let them enjoy as many train rides as they want.

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