Food Find: Cinnamon Rolls by Janice

At the last AWA Social and Shopping a friend introduced me to these delicious cinnamon rolls hand made by a lovely lady named Janice. She has several presentations and sizes and you can even order then without the guilt sugar glaze. We had them at our playgroup and kids and moms enjoyed them. Since we had several leftover we just put them in the freezer and hope to go back to them once we go back to Jakarta.


And yes, they are as good as they look, even better. I’ve tasted cinnamon rolls in Jakarta before, but I have to say these are by far the best. They are freshly baked and they are always available or you can special order them any time.

Give Janice a call and order some cinnamon rolls. You won’t regret it! Besides, all the proceedings go to charity!

Cinnamon Rolls by Janice

Jl. Delman Asri V/16

Phone: 293-00023

HP: 08179855477


2 thoughts on “Food Find: Cinnamon Rolls by Janice

    • They do sell them in Jakarta! They are really good! You can email or call Janice and buy as many as you want. And I know what you mean about good pastry! I still haven’t found the perfect pain au chocolat!

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