A Helping Hand for Expats Everywhere:Expat Blog

I recently joined the expat blog directory at Expat-Blog.com.  Julien, the founder and an expat himself endeavored in this project to provide a community held by expats for expats where people everywhere can connect and find more about the places they are moving to and find a source of information and support for expats worldwide.

I thought I could share with you a little bit about their latest projects: the job and housing section for expats moving to Indonesia.

To meet the demands of expatriates and soon-to-be expatriates in Indonesia, they just  launched two new dedicated spaces: a jobs section and a housing section. They are aimed at helping people in their job and accommodation search, two essential steps when expatriating.

The idea is to get access to job offers in Indonesia, wherever you may be. You can have access to the job opportunities, per job category and job contract. You can also create your CV and contact potential employers here .

The Housing section enables you to look for or to offer an accommodation: rental, sale, flat share, flat, house…it’s up to you! You can see pictures of the apartment and get in touch with the person via Expat blog.

I hope people getting ready to move to Indonesia find this helpful and that your transition is full of adventures and great experiences!



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