Find: Hazara Indian Restaurant

My husband and I, and sometimes Evan, love Indian food. I had never really been into Indian food until we moved to Thailand and my husband encouraged me to try some different Indian dishes. After we moved to Jakarta we had a hard time finding a place we really liked since many of the better Indian restaurants were in the South.

I had been to this restaurant before, but to eat Thai food. I didn’t realize they also had an Indian section until I came for lunch for a friend’s birthday and we ended up ordering both Thai and Indian food. I was so excited to find not only excellent Thai food, but delicious Northern Indian fare.

This restaurant is not easy to spot since it is covered with plants. Once you get in the atmosphere is very nice and relaxed and just beautiful. The food is excellent and drinks are very varied. They have great cocktails, mocktails and a great variety of teas. We usually order two or three things from the menu and we share them.

You will have to excuse me for not having any pictures of the food but Evan took over my phone when the food arrived. I encourage you to try this place and enjoy the great ambiance and delicious Indian and Thai food!

Bon appetit!

Hazara/ Lan Na Thai/ Face Bar

Jl. Dr. Kusuma Atmaja No. 85

Menteng Jakarta Pusat

0)21 3192 5037

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