Crash and Burn

Or rather, crash and drown! That’s the state of my computer right now! My absence in the blogshpere has not been a premeditated one but instead one caused by a very unfortunate accident where the Air Conditioner decided to cry a river over my computer and drown it to death.

The good news is that my superhero of a husband was able to recover all of my archives and photos. The very bad news is that I am still limbless computerless until further notice. (Notice: Husband, your wife needs a new computer…) While I scout the malls for a reliable Apple retailer I will have to rely on my phone and Ipad to communicate. I really hate typing anything longer than a few sentences on them so I’m sorry for the forced leave of absence. I hope to be back soon. I will still be able to check your comments and emails so please don’t hesitate to contact me. Just bare with me as I grieve my faithful companion for the past four years and find a new friend to document our new adventures with.

So, on a brighter note…. HAPPY MONDAY!

What has been going on in your lives???

7 thoughts on “Crash and Burn

  1. Oh dear! It is amazing that your husband was able to recover all your pictures. My brand new computer crashed earlier this year and I was devastated at the thought of losing 5 months of my daughter’s life. Fortunately, we were able to recover all of it – cost a lot of money!
    Hope you get a new one soon! Hang in there x

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