{Review} PressReader App

I love reading the news. It doesn’t only keep me informed but it makes me feel connected to the world around me. On a daily basis I read or at least browse one local newspaper in English, at least two US newspapers, one Mexican newspaper and a couple of news websites. Being informed keeps me happy. Being informed keeps me sane.

As most of you know due to my unending commentaries about it, I spend a lot of time in the car. Going places, leaving places, waiting at some places. This is when I read. I read most of the news using my Iphone or Ipad. Since I don’t have a 3G Ipad I usually rely on my phone to check out all the news. On occasion some of the apps die on me and I can’t help but feel frustrated after I wasn’t able to finish reading an article.

I was recently asked to review the PressReader App. I was excited to download what seemed like an app too good to be true considering that it gives access to over 2,000 world newspapers in just a few clicks. The PressReader did not disappoint! Being an expat I am always eager to find out what’s going on in my host country first and then to read about my home country.


My favorite feature was being able to browse the newspapers by country. I was happy to find 19 different Mexican Publications and 4 Indonesian ones. Although my go-to Mexican newspaper was not available I found a couple good alternatives. My favorite Indonesian English language newspaper was there so I was a happy camper when I was ready to start a one-hour car ride to visit a friend. Considering that internet and 3G speeds are not very fast in Indonesia I was very satisfied with the download time.

The on-screen display looks just like a print version of the newspaper called a Replica View. Another great tool was the clickable urls. Once you find an article you want to explore further you can just click on it and it opens on a completely user-friendly display.

The monthly subscription to the PressReader is $29.95 or you can choose to download a single issue for 99 cents each. It is certainly a great tool for expats who want to have access to all their information in one place at one cost.

I would certainly recommend the PressReader to any traveler or expat who just needs to be in the know!

5 thoughts on “{Review} PressReader App

  1. I didn’t know that you’re a news junky! 🙂 That’s great and that is actually a great asset to have for the life in Jakarta as you get stuck in traffic often as you know, but at least you can do what you love to do!!

      • I feel that the life of battery has gotten shorter on my BB than before. I don’t think I use more than I did before. Maybe I do, but sometimes it shuts down around 5:00-6:00 because of the low battery. 😦

  2. This looks like a great app — I might have to try it out! We subscribed to a local newspaper here in El Salvador, but I’m also very reliant on my phone whenever I’m not at my computer.

    • Yeah. My phone is attached to my hand… :/ It’s a great app I liked to see how many different newspapers look like. It’s fun to look at the hungarian and chinese ones and how they differ from each other!

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