Our Packages are Ready for the World Wide Cultural Exchange

A few weeks ago we signed up for a great experience, namely the Little Red Farm’s World Wide Cultural Exchange. As I mentioned before here, we were very excited when we found out we were assigned a family in the UK, a kindergarten in Quebec, Canada, a family in Kuala Lumpur and a family in Missouri, USA (this is their blog).

Like we mentioned before, we decided to represent Mexico, Florida and Indonesia. My dad got really excited when I told him about the exchange and he was very kind to send me lots of things from traditional Mexican markets. We also put things from Florida that my in-laws graciously sent us even though my mother-in-law had recently had surgery. Finally, Evan and I went to handicraft store here in Jakarta and picked a few things to add to the package.

So without further ado, here are the packages we sent to them today!



I can’t wait to receive the packages and show them to Evan and Joshua!




6 thoughts on “Our Packages are Ready for the World Wide Cultural Exchange

  1. We got your package today, already! 🙂 It was so much fun! The kids really enjoyed the toys and candy especially (John and I sampled the candy too, ha). Thank you so much! I will try to post about it and also the package we sent on my blog sometime this week.

    • Hi! I’m glad he kids enjoyed the Toys and candy! What did you think about the spicy candy? That’s one of my favorites but my hubby hates them. I can’t wait to receive your package and showing it to the kids.

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