Preview: Taman Safari

Just a little preview of our little day trip today. Lots of cool pictures coming soon! Hope you are all having a wonderful week!


4 thoughts on “Preview: Taman Safari

    • We sure did! We got 15 bunches of carrots and the zebras were very eager to get each one of them. Evan loved the ride and the car got really dirty.

  1. I love the reflection of your hubby and your son peeking out of the window. So cute! I love this zoo. I wish the traffic wasn’t bad to get out there…

    • It wasn’t bad at all, but we were staying in Puncak and we were there on a weekday.. =P
      Evan just loved it! I think we will go back again soon, Evan didn’t have enough of the zebras and monkeys grabbing food from his hands!

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