Sunday Brunch at the Four Seasons Hotel

After three years in South East Asia, we finally gave in. We went to a hotel Brunch. We’ve never been big fans of buffet brunch. We always end up eating something that makes us sick, or even worse eating too much.  Back in the States we loved doing brunch, as long as it was a la carte, even if it cost as much as a buffet style brunch.

The veil has now fallen as we found a place we actually liked and Evan loved! We went to the Four Seasons Sunday Brunch with dear friends last weekend and my perception of buffet brunch has been transformed. The quality of most of the dishes was just excellent and the variety was overwhelming. From Peking Duck, to foie gras, oysters, Indian food, Mediterranean food and an insane variety of desserts I think we found a place we actually enjoy and where kids are treated like royalty.

Evan found the “kid corner” and kept asking for “mas” every time he emptied his green melamine plate. The kid’s buffet is low enough that kids can see what’s available and even serve themselves. I wasn’t too happy with him filling his plate with M&Ms every time he went there, but at least he actually got a side of chicken nuggets, French fries, spaghetti and yum, jelly, all on the same plate…

Other than the cute and practical children’s buffet, they have a small outdoor play area where caretakers will gladly take over chasing around your children while you sip your mimosas and enjoy listening to live music. Evan was happy coloring, watching cartoons and jumping in the bouncy castle while mom and dad enjoyed some adult conversation and tried to decide if it was prudent to give in and make another tour of the buffet. I kept telling my friends that I was high on Brunch Crack since I couldn’t believe Evan was actually eating and enjoying himself and I was able to sit down for more than 10 minutes without having to chase him around.

The Brunch was about 400,000 rupiahs including free-flow of wine and 300,000 without the wine. These prices are actually pretty good if you compare to similar brunches in the area.  The kid’s buffet is supposed to be 120,000++ rupiahs but they didn’t charge us for Evan. I’m guessing he was still too young to hoard over all the food available. If you have a diplomatic Kitas, don’t forget to show it to them, they will discount the ++.

I can’t wait to have some visitors come over and take them to this brunch. The place has a very relaxed atmosphere. So relaxed that we stayed there for about 4 hours! If you are hesitant about doing Brunch, the Brunch at the Four Seasons Hotel is a great way to ease into the brunch scene in Jakarta.


Four Seasons Hotel

Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said
Jakarta 12920
Tel. 62 (21) 252-3456  (reservations are encouraged)

12 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch at the Four Seasons Hotel

  1. I love a good brunch buffet! But you’re right — a lot of places just provide quantity over quality, with mediocre scrambled eggs, mushy potatoes, a carving station with dry beef, etc. However, there are some exceptions out there, and it sounds like the Four Seasons (at least in Jakarta) is one of them!

    • I was very pleasantly surprised! I’m glad you have a must-visit restaurant list. I haven’t been to El Salvador but I’m sure there will be a lot of restaurants and foods you will miss but will be happy to substitute by others!

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  5. That’s so cute that Evan called the waiter “mas”, I bet he was thrilled when Evan called him hahaha..
    Btw, which place do you think has better buffet brunch? Four Seasons or Grand Hyatt?

    • I was a bit embarrassed and hoping the waiter didn’t get offended… =P I haven’t been to the buffet at the Grand Hyatt. Our favorite so far is the one at the Ritz.I will have to go and let you know! =)

      • Awww.. I don’t think he was offended ;D. As Indonesian, I find it delightful when a foreigner tries to speak my native language hehehe.. OK, I’ll take your word for it :D. They all look delish!
        Hey, you know what, let’s have lunch some time, when the weather is friendlier :)).

      • Thanks, Anna. I’m all safe and dry here!
        I was worried when I heard that Menteng is flooded, but I’m glad you guys are safe.
        Have a wonderful Sunday! 🙂

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