FoodFind: Social House

I had been to Ismaya Group’s Social House a few times before for Brunch and dinner. Every time, I left satisfied and very full. We love their eggs Benedict and they have excellent sushi and fusion cuisine. The decor creates a very relaxed atmosphere while staying trendy and upbeat. They have a wonderful display of teas and wine for sale and they seem to have a different theme ever few weeks. On this occasion,  Italian.

This time, to celebrate a friend’s birthday we decided to go there for lunch. When we got there the place was packed! It seems that you do need a reservation, even for lunch! It was full of people on their lunch break from their office eagerly chatting away and enjoying a nice break before going back to their desks. They allowed us to sit in the lounge area while we waited for a table.

A few minutes later, after looking at the menu, we decided we wouldn’t mind eating in the lounge area and ordered. I ordered a virgin apple mojito and birthday girl got the “homemade” iced lemon tea.  The tea came topped with lemon ice-cream! What a treat!

We ordered chorizo croquettes as an appetizer and their mild spiciness and deep flavors would entice anyone willing to try them. We shared two brick-oven baked pizzas and enjoyed every last piece of it. Fresh rocket and tomato sauce made the pizzas flavor just stand out.

The one thing I did not like about Social House, I’m guessing it was because of the vast quantity of people there, was the cloud of cigarette smoke covering the whole restaurant. Although we were not moved to the non-smoking area, even from there you could see the smoke rising all over the place. With no dividing walls I don’t see how they could actually separate smoking from non-smoking.

Lesson learned, go there for an early brunch, an early dinner or a lunch with reservation.

Social House
Grand Indonesia East Mall 1st Floor
Jalan Mohammad Husni Thamrin  
Jakarta, Indonesia
(0)21 2358 045

9 thoughts on “FoodFind: Social House

  1. Yum those croquettes look good! One thing I am bracing myself for is getting used to restaurants and bars that allow smoking. It’s crazy to think that U.S. cities and states have enacted smoking bans just in the past few years — now it just seems normal that all places are smoke-free.

    • I know!!! I hate eating smoke! hahaah. I lived in France when they banned smoking in bars and it was a huuugeee deal! I miss the clean air! I’m getting used to it, but don’t want to. I don;t want my kids to get used to it either.

  2. when we have plan to enjoy that time we have some trouble… sorry on that time you have trouble due to smoking……but you have enjoyed your friend birthday with wonderful combination ice lemon tea and pizza.

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