{JakartaFind} Martinis at the Darmawangsa Hotel

Several good friends from AWA got together last week to enjoy good drinks and even better company. The perfect ingredient for a ladies night out has to be chocolate, right? The Darmawangsa hotel offers it in the form of a martini. I had never been there before but had heard very good reviews from many different people.

As you enter the Darmawangsa  Hotel you are greeted by the sweet smells of spices and the even sweeter tunes of the gamelan music. I had never been to this luxurious hotel and five seconds into my visit I was in love.  The ambiance is just perfect and although I only went there in the evening you could tell this is a perfect place to visit for brunch, high-tea or dinner. It is very traditional in its decor and ambiance and would be a perfect place to give visitors a taste of Indonesian luxury.

Chocolate Martini? Yes, Please!

As I sat in the beautifully decorated library in the Majapahit Lounge and started browsing the menu the first batch of Chocolate Martinis arrived. Without hesitating I just said “satu lagi”, I’ll have the same!


The bartenders bring their “tools” and shake, swing, and swivel the martini right in front of a captive audience. The vodka and gin martini is then poured in a Martini glass with a chocolate rim. The finishing touch is a delicious milk chocolate that just melts in your mouth. The martini is just unique and delicious and it doesn’t have an aftertaste. The best part was eating the chocolate rim with a spoon.

After drinking the delectable, but pricey (145,000 ++ rupiahs), delight, I was trying to determine what to drink next. The Martini Menu is quite unique as it recalls different James Bond movies and characters. After staring at it for about 5 minutes I decided against another martini and had a sparkling water drink instead.

I will have to come back and try another of their fun mixes. I can’t wait for the next ladies night out! (I doubt my husband would agree to drink anything chocolaty).


Darmawangsa Hotel

Majapajit Lounge

Jl. Brawijaya Raya 26,

Blok M 12160, Indonesia

12 thoughts on “{JakartaFind} Martinis at the Darmawangsa Hotel

    • They had some very unusual mixes! I can’t wait to try them. It is a beautiful hotel, I would love to go back and maybe stay there for a weekend!

    • These weren’t too sweet. Of course the chocolate rim was as well as the chocolate in the middle but the flavor was quite surprising. I’m more of a rum girl.. GIve me a mojito and I’m happy!

  1. I had a girls night out there with my friends who are leaving last month and had their famous chocolate martini, too! That was delicious!! I highly recommend their afternoon tea, too.

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