Ladies Who Tea: Afternoon Tea at the Dharmawangsa Hotel

Ever since I moved to South East Asia almost four years ago I’ve realized that Afternoon Tea is a delectable affair that every lady should indulge in once in a while. After all, what could be better than delicious petits plats accompanied by sense indulging tea and the always pleasant company of your girlfriends?

When we lived in Bangkok I often enjoyed the Chocolate Buffet and Afternoon Tea at the Sukothai Hotel. The chocolate high provided by this experience alongside the amazing fresh savories is one that can become addictive easily. My favorite concoction was the homemade hot chocolate where you get to pick and choose the kind and amount of chocolate you want in your drink and a professional chocolatier-mixologist makes it for you at your tableside.

Soon after we moved to Jakarta I started learning about the many different culinary options and was often referred to the Dharmawangsa Hotel for its traditional yet contemporary menus and their different specialties including the Chocolate Martinis and grilled seafood buffet. As any high-quality hotel would have it, the Dharmwangsa Hotel offers a delectable Afternoon Tea that should be enjoyed by anyone living in or visiting Jakarta.

The Dharmawangsa Hotel could be considered the epitome of Indonesian tradition and elegance. As you enter the lobby of the Hotel you immediately feel surrounded by the sounds and smells of Indonesia with traditional aromas floating in the air and the sweet sounds of Gamelan music playing in the air.

The Afternoon Tea at the hotel is no exception and is sure to indulge anyone’s senses whether they prefer Indonesian sweets, perfectly balanced savories or French pastries. I recently had tea with my good friend The Diplomatic Wife and we had a wonderful afternoon chatting and enjoying this treat. The Afternoon Tea Set is big enough for two to share and will satisfy every sweet tooth. The Indonesian sweets are prepared perfectly and the flavors in the pastries are rich and palatable. The set includes one pot of tea and a plate of snacks for Rp. 195,000 ++. If you are looking at a long afternoon chatting away you can go ahead and order a second or third pot of tea for Rp. 65,000 ++ per pot.

The Dharmawangsa Hotel has several rooms in the ground floor to choose to sit in. You can choose the caviar room, the library, the lounge, the tea room or outside by the pool. The possibilities are as varied as their tea menu. Although a reservation is not required it is recommended for bigger groups since you are able to book a whole area if you have a big enough group. What a perfect place for a birthday or a good-bye get-together!

Afternoon Tea at the Dharmawangsa is called the Afternoon Delight for a reason.

It certainly is a delight that is not to be missed.

Dharmawangsa Hotel

Jl. Brawijaya Raya 26,

Blok M 12160, Indonesia

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