{WonderfulIndonesia} Bogor Kampung Life in Stills

Bogor is a small town that lies about sixty kilometers south of Jakarta. We took the train there and encountered a wonderful city full of life and dynamism. What impacted me the most were the colors and the smiles on people’s faces. It was a Saturday, a family and shopping day de rigeur. The stalls on the kampung markets were ready to receive their weekend visitors with boxes full of shoes, shirts and yes, dry fish. Lucky for me, my husband has a way to break the ice with the locals and he ended up playing peak-a-boo with a baby boy sitting just outside his house with his family and playing soccer with some kids.I hope you enjoy the few stills I was able to capture as we walked and rode on an angkot throughout Bogor.

Kampung Life in Bogor

Bogor Train Station

Walking down thekampungI think my husband missed Evan and Josh, he saw a baby boy and started playing with him!

Bright colors everywhere you look!

A very nice lady making Gado-Gado

We’ve been told she’s been doing this for the past 30 years and that she’s well-known in her kampung for making the best Gado Gado.

Just the right amount of spices…

Her grandchildren were sitting by her. Learning the trade.

Preview: Puppet Maker

Outside the Puppet Maker’s House

Preview: Gong Factory

Dry Fish

More dry fish.

Playing soccer with the local kids

More soccer

A boy

Making new friends

Four Boys

Working Hard

See you later!

Street Scene

Flower Stall

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