Hasta Pronto!

Sorry I’ve been so absent these past few days, we’ve been getting ready to leave in a few days and the days seem to fly by with last minute appointments and pending matters. I must confess that it will be getting worse in the next few weeks as we take our annual vacation

Meanwhile we’ve been agonizingly attempting to pack lightly, throwing terrible-two’s tantrums (exacerbated by I-see-my-mom-is-packing-and-I’m-nervous-tantrums) and hanging out with friends and exchanging wish lists (tequila from Mexico, Advil PM from the US, an undercover contraband of Spanish cheese and charcuterie and hopefully some almond flour from France).

I don’t know how connected or disconnected I will be, but I will hopefully be able to take some good pictures, make new memories and tell you all about it as we return in the beginning of September.

To all of you who are traveling, enjoy it, savor it, remember it. To those of you who are moving, breathe, relax and remember you’ll be “home” soon. To whoever is staying home, explore your surroundings and fall in love with your city again.

Happy Summer/Winter!

8 thoughts on “Hasta Pronto!

  1. I thought of two places you could go in BCN that you may not have been to before. The first is the Palau Música Catalana which is an incredibly beautiful building that not enough people visit. You have to get there early to sign up for the limited number of tours (it’s not open without an escort) but it is well worth it. Also, the Fundació Joan Miró (he’s one of my favorite artists) which is on the opposite spectrum architecturally, but is equally impressive. There’s a sculpture garden that the kiddies might like too.

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