Back in JKT!

We are back home. We are certainly not settled in yet unless you consider a toddler running wild at 3 am a routine occurrence. We are so happy to be back home with daddy and apparently with Thomas the Train, the red car, the green bicycle and even the foam playmat! As I reminiscence about our trip I can’t help but smile and feel a heart-warming sensation. It was not an easy trip flying literally around the world with two little ones, trying to fit baby gear for two (including a crib) in one suitcase to be able to ride the trains in Europe, and flying solo with the two back to Mexico (8 hour delay and everything).


Our trip back home was an ordeal by itself, thank goodness my Dad came to the rescue and flew back with me and will be here for the next few weeks. We were in transit for a total of 55 hours door to door. We left Monterrey on Thursday at 4am, then flew to Dallas , then to Frankfurt, arrived in Dubai a few hours later and finally reached Jakarta at 4 pm Jakarta time on Sunday. We got home at around 6 after our suitcases decided they wanted to be the last ones let out and the 30 km ride allowed us to get home. I must say I was so excited to see that I only had to change each of the boys’ clothes only once! A record for our family!


As I look back and look at my bruised arms from the heavy weight of the bags, my sore feet and back from all the walking carrying 20-something pound Josh in his carrier and my overly jet-lagged boys, I just smile again. It was awesome. I loved every second of it. Even the pukey, diaper blow-outey, Evan has escaped again ones.

I will try to put on paper screen as much as I remember of our wonderful adventure. It will take me time as the routine and responsibilities of our life in Jakarta start creeping into my Ical. I will be writing about how to feed, diaper and stroll your baby in different European cities without offending the locals or your baby’s stomach and about all the wonderful parks, museums and festivals we saw in the old continent.

We are back and we are here to stay!

(At least for a week as Singapore is back on our Calendar next Monday!)

10 thoughts on “Back in JKT!

  1. 55 hours???? You are amazing!!! I love the pictures of the sleeping boys and the one of the two of them against the wall with their backs to the camera. Happy you guys got home safe and sound!! Enjoy Singapore!

  2. Glad you and the boys are home safe and reunited as a family! You are a trooper. I can’t imagine … 55 hours by myself or just among adults would be an ordeal in and of itself — but with two little ones?! Looking forward to reading your tips so I can file them away for the future … 😉

    • Thanks Natasha! It was an experience by itself. Thank God for in-flight entertainment. That’s really helpful with Evan. Josh, not so much hahaha. At least they slept most of the way. Listos para el Salvador?

    • Hahah. Thanks! So, when are we going for coffee???? I could really use a massage! As odd as this may sound I haven’t had any time! I’m working on getting the boys back in their routine and that has left me zero time to unpack and organize, get massages or even a mani! hahha

    • Thanks for the sweet comments! I hope to get back to blogging more regularly soon. We are still fighting jet-lag and trying to get back in a routine. We did have a blast and I can’t wait to do it again!

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