Our Vacation by the Numbers (Deuxième Partie)

We have finally arrived in our final destination on the other side of the world. We arrived in Monterrey, Mexico about ten days ago and have been busy buying Mexican supplies to take back to Indonesia, eating tacos almost every day and most importantly enjoying spending quality time with our family and friends.

Our little European escapade with the kids in tow was everything it promised to be: a comedy of errors.  From diaper blowouts, to a fugitive toddler and a little bit of sunburn, the vacation was what we expected in terms of family travel. What we did not expect was to see both of the boys enjoy the trip as much as they did in their own way.

I’m still on blog-leave as I really want to enjoy every second I spend here with the boys and my family;  I promise to come back full-blast in Mid-September as we return to Jakarta and our routine and jet-lagged bodies allow it. In the mean time here’s the second part of our vacation by the numbers and a few pics of our adventures. More details and lots of tips on traveling Europe by train with two little ones coming very soon!


Hundreds of pictures captured (not an easy feat as I had a baby strapped to my chest who thought the camera lens consisted of the perfect teether)

Fifteen hours total traveling by train

Five cities perused thru the eyes of a toddler and an infant (Frankfurt, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Toledo)

Four double-decker tour buses ridden

Three countries smelled, tasted and explored

Three minutes that seemed like three hours when the toddler ran away as I was putting the baby on the carrier while we visited a playground

Two kid-friendly museums visited in Paris

-One infant willing to try everything offered to him to taste

One toddler not willing to try anything but bread and rice

One visit to Disneyland in Paris

One extremely excited toddler who couldn’t believe he had just met Mickey Mouse

One duffel bag purchased to be able to fit everything that didn’t fit the suitcases anymore

-No more cherries consumed (they were only cheap in Germany!)

Transition Time

One 10-hour flight delayed by two hours

One surprisingly well-behaved toddler

One happy but teething baby

One mom travelling by herself willing to take all the help offered

One cancelled flight

One flight leaving with a three-hour delay

Two sleeping boys on a two-hour flight

Three missing suitcases as we arrived in Mexico

Four AM: Time we arrived home after filing a report, buying some take-away tacos and waking up a sleeping sister

Mexico (thus far)

Many friends caught up with

Countless hours spent skyping with daddy

Way too many Mexican products (spices, vanilla, honey, tequila, etc) purchased to be used in Indonesia

-One Mexican wine tasting attended with one of my best friends ever

One playground visited

One fugitive toddler trying to escape to visit our neighbor’s house and play with their dog

One very spoiled infant that loves being held and smiles at everyone hoping to get some arms that will be willing to hold all 10 kilos of him

One toddler locking himself in the upstairs living area

Zero pictures taken, but hundrends of treasured memories made on a daily basis

Hasta Pronto!

10 thoughts on “Our Vacation by the Numbers (Deuxième Partie)

  1. Wow, what adventures! Looks like everyone is having a great time. I admire you for traveling solo with two little ones. Enjoy the final leg of your vacation!

    • Thanks Natasha! We had tons of fun, and it was definitely an adventure. I wouldn´t change a thing. I´m having fun in MX and to be honest my only motivation to go back to Indonesia is to see my hubby. I miss him so much!

  2. Wow, you’re a trooper. I’ve got one teething baby in my house, too!! You’re such a trooper to travel Europe with two kids in tow and doing great! They looks so cute. I bet your family’s so happy to see you now finally you arrived in Mexico!! I would say maximize your time with your family and don’t worry about blogging!!

    • It was a lot of fun! We are loving spending time in MX! I do miss the hubby tons and just being in my own home… But I will enjoy every second spent here! Miss you!

  3. You know what? Ooops almost forgot to introduce myself. I’m Ariel. A greek living in Jakarta and I so much love your blog!
    I would love to meet you when you guys come back! In the meantime have fun and keep smiling the way you do on these great pics! Take care! 🙂

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