Vamos a la Playa!

We are getting ready to leave for Bali tomorrow morning. I feel like I haven’t even finished unpacking my suitcases from our two-month trip and yet I love the feeling of restlessness and excitement that comes every time I pack anew. Using my dad’s visit as an excuse we are visiting Bali for 5 days this time. We had been in Bali before when I was pregnant with Joshua and my sister was visiting so this will be a different experience and our first time visiting this Indonesian island with two little ones.

The first time Evan saw the ocean he loved it right away. This is Joshua’s first time in Bali and I hope he does better than on our trip to Pelabuhan Ratu when he encounters the sea one more time. I don’t know what we did differently but I’m hoping our second monkey becomes a sea-monkey like his big brother.  Sometimes I feel like I’m learning all over what being a mom is like. Josh and Evan are so different that some things that worked as a charm with Evan are just not cutting it for Joshua’s standards! Several things that were complicated with Evan are so easy with Josh and some things I didn’t even have to put thought into with Evan have been a journey of trial-and-error with Josh. All this to say that we are blessed to have two boys that are alike in so many ways but unique in many others.

So if you have any advice as to what’s the best way to introduce a baby to the ocean, please let me know!

Because I want this…

Evan curious even at a few months old!

Not this again….

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