{FoodFind} Cimory Restaurant and Shop in Puncak Pass

Anyone that lives in Jakarta will tell you that they are due for a break every few months or even weeks. Our favorite rest and recreation site in the area is up in the mountains in Puncak. When we go there we usually plan ahead and bring groceries from Jakarta. We wait to buy all of our veggies and some of our fruits up in the mountains but we have to bring meat, eggs and dairy products.

On our last trip to Puncak we decided to stop at the Cimory Shop and Restaurant. There are several venues of this chain throughout Java and we considered giving his one a try. Lucky us it was a weekday and the restaurant and store was all to ourselves.

Welcome to Cimory

At the store you are able to find all kinds of Indonesian snacks. From savory cheese sticks to sweet confections heavy-laden with chocolate and nuts. We particularly enjoyed finding a nice array of flavored milk including green tea flavored milk. After I armed myself with a big supply of plain yoghurt and fresh milk for my calf son, the aforementioned little one decided he was due for a playground break.

Milk in all colors and flavors

Since we were due for a snack and coffee break we were happy to sit down and enjoy the natural views and the fresh air. We had Indonesian food and enjoyed it fully.

Happy Cows Everywhere!

Gorgeous View

Gorgeous view again, ohh yeah, and nice trees as a backdrop…

Joshua waiting for his soup


This place is a must stop if you are on your way up to Puncak. The view, the good food and specially the playground provide a well-deserved break to the weary traveler.

 Cimory Bogor-Puncak

Jalan Raya Puncak No. 435 KM.77

Cisarua Bogor

Telp. (62)251 825 7888

Fax. (62)251 825 3288




6 thoughts on “{FoodFind} Cimory Restaurant and Shop in Puncak Pass

    • Hey Valerie! Thanks for dropping by! I can tell you it has changed even from two years ago! It’s developing like crazy and it’s scary because traffic keeps getting worse!!! It’s still a little piece of mountain paradise we like to visit once in a while in order to leave the hustle and bustle of the BD!

    • It’s a nice pit stop before going uphill! I think your boy would love it! They also have a “farm” where you can see how they produce the yogurt and everything. I’ve been wanting to go for a while but you have to go with a big group.

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