Hello world!

So here it is. My attempt to do everything and nothing both at the same time. I’ve been thinking I need to somehow document our adventures and whereabouts as I know by the time my boys are old enough to care, I will probably have forgotten. We are constantly on the move, but one thing remains the same, us. Who we are, who we aim to be, who we want our boys to become.

Who we are.

We are a family of 4 currently living in Jakarta Indonesia. I was born and raised in Mexico and constantly looking for new places to visit and live in. By the time I finished college I had lived and worked in 4 countries. Little did I know that I would later find my perfect mate, with whom I would get to travel the world and experience what being an expat is truly like.

My husband is an engineer by day, a superhero by night and on the weekends. He loves the outdoors and cannot sit still for more than 5 minutes unless it is with a good book or playing with anything Apple.

My 2 year old, Evan Alexander. He has taught me what being a mom is (a tough job, I might say). He is my biggest pride and joy. He is a very active little boy who is always looking for trouble. If by any chance he’s quiet, he is probably taking something apart (that he takes from daddy). I’m sure I will find lots of anecdotes to share about Evan as he is constantly finding new adventures and I can’t help but enjoy his every move.

My newborn, Joshua David. He is the sweetest baby I’ve ever met. It’s hard to tell what his personality will be like this early but I can tell you that he loves people. He craves company and loves babbling and looking at everything around him. I can’t wait to see him interact with his big brother.

Who we aim to be

We strive to be a God-centered family and to trust God in every move we make. Sometimes we forget that it’s by his mercy that we are here, and we are together. We want to set an example for our boys and guide them in a meaningful way.  People often ask us if we’ll stop moving when the kids start getting older and start craving more consistency. We won’t. We believe that as long as we as a couple and family remain constant and strong, our boys will thrive anywhere we go.

Who we want our boys to become

We just want our boys to be happy and to become whatever they want to become. We encourage them to be creative and find new ways to discover their surroundings. We are sure being third-culture kids will be enriching intellectually and emotionally.  We are attempting to raise them bi-lingual, although I sometimes forget to speak Spanish to them and my husband ends up using his Mexican movie Spanish when speaking to them.

What this blog is all about

It’s about life . Life as an expat in the Big Durian. Life as a stay at home wife who loves to bake, craft, decorate the house and host parties. Life as a mom to two boys  who’s learning that cars and trains and (gulp) dirt are fun.  It’s about life, our life and the wonderful people we share it with.

4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. que padre blogg ana gaby!!! tu mama ya nos paso tu pagina jaja me encantaron las fotos, tus hijos estan bellisimos.. un saludo desde ixe de parte de todos..esperamos vuelvan pronto

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