If Life Gives you Carrots…. Make Carrot Cake

I recently started receiving fresh vegetables from an organic farm on a weekly basis. Little did I know that if I ordered the medium size mixed vegetable package I would end up with a fridge full of greens and about one hundred carrots. I’m not a big fan of carrot anything, unless they are raw and with hummus or lots of chili powder (remember I’m Mexican). If Josh were eating solids, I would be really thrilled about this and would make carrot puree for him for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are just not there yet.

In an attempt to diminish the beta-carotene invasion I decided to make carrot cake, my husband’s favorite. I found a recipe online, Paula Deen’s Grandma’s Recipe  to be exact, and endeavored to bake a cake that both the husband and little guy #1 would like. The only substitution I made was melted butter for oil and extra pecans. The cake was scrumptious!

Evan helped me make the cream cheese icing and decorate the cake for his playgroup. I used to think boys would hate anything having to do with baking, but apparently as long as it’s messy, it’s appealing enough.

The base where we set the cake was a gift from my lovely mother-in-law who received it as a wedding present 37 years ago. The knife my in-laws used at their wedding and we later on used on ours. I love the meaning behind it and try to use it on a regular basis and not just keep in storage.

After the playgroup I was able tried to catch a few pics of the boys with their matching shirts. I’ve come to find out that getting Evan to sit still for more than 5 seconds is even more challenging if Josh is around.

Trying to get both boys to look at the camera

Evan and Josh

Evan and his Photo-Ready Smile

Get him off me!













I will just have to try again sometime soon before Josh outgrows his clothes like he likes to do so every 2 weeks….

If anyone in the Jakarta area is interested in receiving beautiful fresh organic vegetables I recommend you contact Retno at thelearningfarm@gmail.com They deliver all over Jakarta on a weekly basis and you can be certain that the products will be freshly picked off the ground that week. You won’t regret it!

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