All “Valentined” Up

I love to decorate for the holidays,. My husband would say I love to over-decorate, but still supports me and doesn’t mind me taking over the house with holiday accents. Being overseas, it’s not always easy to find the right decorations so we have to resort to what’s available in our storage boxes.

I happened to find a valentine’s scrapbooking kit that had been sitting in my “scrapbooking” box for the past two years. I decided the time had come to either use it or lose it. So I used it to make a paper wreath to hang on our door during the month of February.

Finding time to craft is certainly not easy with the two boys.  However,  I’m trying to introduce Evan to the art of gluing things together and to have fun doing so. Today he helped me set one of the hearts in a rosette, Success!!!

Next challenge: Making Valentine’s Days Cards with Evan for him to give to his little friends. I will let you know how that goes (or doesn’t).

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