Fun in the Sun (and in the Rain)

Evan is a very active little guy. He loves to run around and cannot sit still for more than 2 minutes unless it’s watching the Cars 2 movie (which I’m very grateful to have discovered over Christmas). Today daddy had a day off work so after taking Joshua to his early development class, we ventured into the deep jungles of Kemang (a neighborhood in South Jakarta) and took Evan to a playground.

Playparq Kemang Prefere 72 was better than I expected and for the very low price of 25,000 Rupiah (about 3 USD), Evan had about three hours of fun in the sun, and even in the rain.

He enjoyed the water play area the most but when it started raining we took him to the indoor playground while daddy enjoyed the AC, free WiFi and a very decent lunch according to him. They also had a little race track and Evan couldn’t help himself and played solely on the track for about half an hour.


For more information on the playground, you can check out their website:

I can’t wait for Josh to be old enough to enjoy this kind of places with his big brother.





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