Getting Ready for Easter

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Not only do I love the significance behind it: Jesus rose from the Grave!!! , but I love the colors and all the neat little accents you can play with. When we lived in Germany, every single department store would display a beautiful array of decorations and lots of yummy chocolate in every shape possible.

Now, we are in Jakarta and we have to make a bigger effort to show our kids the importance of the celebration and to try to show them what the holiday decorations look like in our home country.

When we were in Bangkok, I was lucky enough to find a factory where they sold all kinds of holiday ornaments. I bought my Christmas tree and decorations there and when Easter was approaching I made another trip to the factory to find beautiful egg ornaments and a tree with bare branches.

Last weekend, I found my “holiday” box and took out every single Easter items could find there. Evan was quick to play with them and he helped me put the eggs on the tree. We are still not done putting up decorations but we sure had a good time hiding some of the eggs and letting Evan find them.

I leave you with a picture of Josh. He is not able to participate in all our activities yet but he’s always there making us smile with his gummy grin and super cute coos.


4 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Easter

    • In a factory on the tollway towards Nichada. I don’t remember the name or address. I will ask a friend if she has the info and I will get back to you. It’s really cool! They have tons of Christmas, Halloween and Easter stuff, as well as artificial flowers.

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