Find: Kindyroo Menteng

When we first moved to Jakarta I was very disappointed to find that the closest Gymboree to our home was an hour away without traffic! I was desperate to find a good place for Evan to continue with his early development classes and I was eager to start the new baby in classes as soon as he was old enough. A friend who lives in Kemang had told me about Kindyroo, an Australian franchise,  but I didn’t want to make the kids  sit for an hour in the car just to go to a class.

I had practically given up on my quest when one day when we were randomly driving around our neighborhood I saw a sign that said Kindyroo. I quickly asked the driver to stop and I went in to check it out. I found a beautiful brand new gym that had classes both for Evan and Joshua. I was so excited and I signed Evan up right away. After a trial class with Josh I decided to enroll him, too.

Kindyroo is everything I was looking for and more.  I take each of the boys twice a week. After singing the welcome song, the kids get a massage from mommy and do some exercise. I just love bonding with the kids during their classes. They also get to play with a different music instrument each day and for the older kids they make a craft during each session.

They have a theme for each term and they have a word of the week. Evan’s vocabulary is growing so much and he loves to jump around and play with all the gym equipment. Joshua just loves all the dancing and rolling around with mommy and specially enjoys parachute time. Joshua has always been a strong little baby but I’ve seen him develop so much with the help of all the techniques the teachers have taught us. We practice most of them at home every day and I love seeing Joshua grow into a little boy.

I was not able to get any pictures of Evan during his classes. It’s too hard to keep up with him and not drop the camera in the process. Here are some pictures of Josh enjoying his class at Kindyroo.

For all the Jakartan mommies out there, you won’t regret checking out Kindyroo in Menteng. Miss Cindy and Miss Rosa are the most helpful and knowledgeable teachers and they are excellent with the kids. Kindyroo is certainly an experience both you and your little one will love!

Kindyroo Menteng

Menteng Central

Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto no. 78-80

2nd Floor. Unit 206, 207, 2012

ph: 021-23022659/99070388



8 thoughts on “Find: Kindyroo Menteng

    • Kano, you should enroll Yuto! They can start as early as 6 weeks and I have definitely felt that Josh has developed his motor skills since he joined. It’s a lot of fun for mom and baby!

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