To travel or not to travel?

I recently read this article about traveling with kids:

In summary it encourages parents to not keep themselves from traveling because of the kids, but au contraire, to travel with them as the experience will prove to be invaluable and a great learning opportunity. I couldn’t agree more. Although carrying a little one around might prove challenging at times, I have found that traveling with Evan has been eye-opening and inspiring both for him and us. He notices things we no longer consider important and it’s so fulfilling to see how he takes everything in and just makes the most of the experience.

So, pack up your diapers and burp clothes, and enjoy the ride!

5 thoughts on “To travel or not to travel?

    • Will do! I’ve always loved to travel so why not introduce the lil ones to the joys of experiencing new cultures! The best tip is not to overthink it, you’ll always find an excuse not to travel with the kids… so just do it!

  1. I agree! It’s so fun to be someplace new and look for the things that my little guy will enjoy. Traveling with him is a ton of extra work, but I get more out of the experience by showing him all there is to see.

    • It certainly gets more complicated, but it’s totally worth it! And I agree, you can definitely get more out of the experience following their lead!

  2. Absolutely agree! That’s why I started my blog – to share my travel experiences with two small kids so other’s would not be intimidated to do the same. It’s a wonderful life of adventure.

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