Find: Epicentrum Walk

Sometimes living in a concrete jungle has its advantages. The shopping malls tend to be amazing. One of the nicest shopping centers I’ve seen in Jakarta thus far has to be Epicentrum Walk.  I found this little shopping center about two weeks ago as I was attempting to buy tickets for Disney on Ice and one of the few ticket outlets was here. Epicentrum walk is part of a larger complex called Epicentrum. The architectural design is just breathtaking and to be honest, you get a feeling of no longer being in Jakarta but in a very modern and clean metropolis.  Here you will find several shopping centers, office buildings, apartments, grocery stores and a sport center. Epicentrum is centrally located in Kuningan and it’s easily accessible whether you live in the South or the City Center.

Epicentrum Walk is more of an entertainment center than a place to shop. . They boast a wide array of restaurants for every budget and every taste, a few coffee shops and a movie theater. For the kids they have a small indoor playground, a train that rides around one of the floors and a very big outdoor area where kids like my Evan can’t help themselves but run around. They also have a small tram that serves as transportation between the main shopping area and the movie theater and the rest of the Epicentrum Complex.

I couldn’t decide what restaurant to go to, but since I was alone with the kids I opted for the Comic Cafe. The concept for this place was just awesome, everything from the decor to the food and menus is related to comic books and their characters. A superhero greets you and lets you in. Evan sat in the little kid corner and looked at the comic books.  To my dismay, the food was not that great. I ordered a salmon with mashed potatoes. The salmon was a bit overcooked and the mashed potatoes tasted like the boxed kind. Evan wouldn’t agree with me as he happily ate his rice patty burger and enjoyed its presentation.

I would say Epicentrum Walk is the perfect venue for a date night or a girl’s night out. You can get drinks at a nice bar, head to a restaurant for dinner and enjoy a good movie.  I can’t wait to go back and try another restaurant.

If you want to check it out here’s the address:

Komplex Rasuna Epicentrum

Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said

Jakarta Selatan


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