Gunung Mas Tea Plantation and Factory

We visited the Golden Mountain, otherwise known as Gunung Mas on our last day in Puncak. I can see why it’s called the Golden Mountain as it is rich with tea plantations and very fruitful with all kinds of crops. We were able to take a short tour of the tea factory and we were lucky enough to be able to see tea being harvested in the tea plantations. This Estate, which is now government-owned, used to be owned by a French and Dutch company.

The price for a ticket is just 10,000 rupiahs to visit the factory. The factory is not very big but it gives you a glimpse of the tea-packaging process. We were able to see the tea leaves being put to dry and how they are later processed and packaged into little tea bags and or, if the quality is good enough, packaged in bulk for export.  The machinery is quite old, but this doesn’t affect the process. The end product is exported all over the world and brands such as Twinning’s and Pickwick package it in their own factories.

You can visit the plantation for free but if you want to take close up pictures of the tea pickers, they expect a tip. We were told that if you hike for about an hour you are able to see a waterfall. We didn’t do this since my husband was carrying Evan and it was quite hot. We are planning on going there again with the sole purpose of hiking thru the plantations and enjoying the beautiful views.

After we were done with the tour we were able to buy several boxes of tea for really cheap! The tea is very good and we are still enjoying it. There is a little restaurant with good food and outstanding tea drinks.

This was a nice but very brief visit. I would say it is worth visiting if you don’t have much time and just want to have an overview of tea picking and processing or if you are eager to go for a nice hike it is worth visiting for 3 or 4 hours. There are several campgrounds within the estate and if you have enough time there is a place where kids can ride on ponies and a couple nice tennis courts.


Perkebunan Gunung Mas
Jl. Raya Puncak Kotak
Pos 6 Cisarua 16750
Phone : +62251 252 501

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