This is the Sip and See we hosted for my dear friend Kaho a few weeks ago. I didn’t take any pictures because my camera was on photo booth duty and I’m so glad Kaho was able to capture a bit of the lovely journee we spent together.

C H U Z A I ☆ L I V I N G

Sip N’ See is a southern tradition in the U.S. where friends gather to meet a baby. My talented, stylish friend, Ana of Stumble Abroad, offered to host a gathering for me and my baby boy so that I don’t have to keep entertaining friends at home to introduce him. Ana is very sweet like that. For various reasons, I decided to use this opportunity to introduce our baby to my husband’s work related friends during their lunch break since I don’t get to see them. Unfortunately, many of them were busy with work and could not make it to the party, but it turned out to be a nice, cozy party that I truly enjoyed. Those who could not make it missed great food at Ana’s for sure.

シップ・アンド・シー(Sip N’ Seeとは、お茶をすするの’Sip’と赤ちゃんを見るの’See’)とは、米国南部の習慣で、生まれた赤ちゃんのお披露目をために女性の友達が集まるパーティーのことを言います。とってもセンスの良い友人で、ブログStumble Abroadの著者であるアナが、息子のために集まりを開いてくれると言ってくれました。彼女はとっても優しい人なんです。色々な理由から、なかなか会う機会のない夫の仕事関係の友人をこの会に誘い、お昼休みを利用して来てもらう事にしました。ただ残念ながら、多くの友人はお仕事で忙しく来れませんでした。でも、小規模で暖かいパーティーでとても楽しかったです。来れなかった友人は、アナが作った美味しい料理を逃してしまって残念!

My talented crafty friend, Liza Yon of The Card Kitchen made a diaper plate…

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