{JakartaFind} Pasar Mayestik Fabric Market

I had heard about Pasar Majestik a few times. Many people I know visit it often to buy fabric whenever they want to make a new table runner or buy silk for a ball gown. I had been meaning to go for a long time and when a few friends organized an outing I signed up right away and was glad to visit it accompanied and with someone who had already been there.

Pasar Mayestik is located in Kebayoran Baru in South Jakarta; very close to Gandaria City Mall and the Blok M area. I thought it was going to take me a while to get there but I got lucky and zipped thru Jalan Sudirman and arrived there around 9:15 am.  Some of the shops had just started to open and the place was not yet crowded or overwhelming, what a relief.

I must say the Market provides a very good first impression. It seems very orderly within the chaos of small stalls and miles of fabric. This was my first time here and I was very impressed by the big new structure that lies in the midst of the Market. Apparently the original pasar was demolished and replaced by a big modern looking mall full with stalls, nice bathrooms and even a food court.

Although I only visited a few stores, I could tell you could probably find most anything related to fabric, costume making and sewing supplies. It was very interesting to observe some ethnic-biased stores such as the Indian shop where you could find anything for making a Sari including a nice Indian seamstress, the kebaya (Muslim dresses) store where you could have one made with a matching head scarf and the shop catering the bules, or foreigners, complete with a presentation of different business suit and dresses designs on the Ipad of the store owner.

I did not get to visit the area where the Tailors sit but I’ve heard it’s on the second floor of the market. You can ask (even in English) and they will point you on the right direction.

Three Stores Worth Checking Out

Silk Route

This store has a vast array of batik fabrics. They have some nice cottons and lace. Their best products however, are the beautiful silks in every color you can imagine and a great section full of fabric for business suits and business shirts. The prices for the silk are very good and the fabric for the business shirts can range from the very cheap to the somewhat expensive. The quality is excellent and I would consider going back to get some shirts done for my husband. I did not go to their second floor but we were told they have several seamstresses there working on ball gowns and suits and that the clothes can be made in two days.

Address:             Jl. Tebah III no.9.

Toko Ikobana

This was my favorite place to buy cotton fabric. I kept telling my friends I was inspired and was already thinking about what to buy for our next party. They had amazing Japanese designs and beautiful Holiday prints. Ikobana has a great variety of colors and textures within its tiny little halls. This place is tiny but so worth visiting. You might have to move some of the rolls of fabric around to find exactly what you want but I’m sure you will find it. Prices seemed quite decent and they also had a good batik selection. This is a great place to buy fabric for banners, tablecloths and maybe even sheets and duvets.

Address:             Jl. Tebah III no.25

Toko Maju

A seemingly huge haberdashery supplying everything and anything you might need for sewing and crafting. The variety is awe striking and the halls seem endless. Although the store is not exactly humongous as soon as you hit a wall, there is a small curve leading you to the next hall. Ribbons, buttons, elastics, dyes, zippers, feathers, buckles, you name it, you can find it all here! Almost everything is organized by color and material and it’s like a candy shop for sewers.

Address:             Jl. Tebah V no.2


Tips if you visit Pasar Mayestik

-Be ready to bargain. It is expected and you can usually get a 10%-20% discount, especially if you buy several pieces of fabric from the same store.

-Be willing to browse and browse until you fin what you are looking for. Some of the stores are not very organized but you will be sure to find the treasure you have been seeking if you look past the apparent chaos.

-Be aware of your belongings. I never felt like I was in danger but like always it’s wise to be aware of your surroundings and make sure all your bags are closed.

-Get there early. The shopkeepers are fresh and willing to help you and the crowds and the heat are bearable.

-To avoid the biggest crowds, avoid the weeks preceding Idul Fitri and Christmas. I was told these are the worst times to visit if you get overwhelmed by the crowds.

Knick-Knack Eye Candy

Pasar Mayestik
Jl. Kyai Maja
Gunung Village, Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta 12120

57 thoughts on “{JakartaFind} Pasar Mayestik Fabric Market

  1. Wow, the colours are so overwhelming, you could spend days just staring at fabric, buttons and zippers! Can you get garments made easily in Jakarta? I am so intrigued with this city, I have now moved it up on my list!

    • Yeah! I was in shock, specially looking at the huge variety of buttons and zippers! I had a great time just browsing. You can get anything made. You can even bring a picture or catalog and they are excellent at replicating most everything. Jakarta is quite interesting. It is a city full of contrasts and smells and colors.

      • hola ana,
        soy espanola y actualmente estoy en bali, estoy planeando ir a jakarta a comprar telas y accesorios para confeccion, soy disenadora de bikinis, me gustaria saber a que sitios puedo ir, estoy un poco perdida……. agradeceria tu ayuda, gracias de antemano, bso

      • Hola Elena, Gracias por tu visita. Creo que mayestik es el mejor lugar para buscar telas y mercerías. En lo personal no vi telas en lycra para trajes de baño pero tampoco las busque. Hay decenas de tiendas y están concentradas en una misma área entonces seguramente encontrarás algo que te sirva. Si vienes pronto hazmelo saber y con gusto te acompaño al mercado. Me encanta ir aún que no compre nada!

  2. Good to know you can have things made for you! I don’t sew. Like, at all — even buttons (I make my husband sew buttons for me haha). But it would be really fun shopping if I were a craftier person!

    • I don’t sew either. I wish I did. I buy stuff and have things made for me. I’m terrible with needles, too. My husband was an eagle scout and he keeps earning sewing badges with all the stuff I ask him to fix! I’m sure you will find someone to sew things for you in el Salvador.

    • Hi Meg! Thanks for dropping by! I would definitely consider going to Pasar Mayestik! It is quite an adventure and you will be sure to find something that catches your eye. I wish I lived closer so I wouldn’t have to really plan visiting the market ahead of time. I checked out your blog and I can’t wait to see what creations you come up with if you find some cool fabric in the pasar!

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  4. Hi Ana,
    I’m going to visit jakarta next month and will be staying at kempinski hotel. Would u mind to advise how far the Pasar Mayestik from the hotel?

    • Hi Lisa! The market is towards the south and the kempinski is right on the city center. It will probably take you about 40 minutes to get there if the traffic is not too heavy. I would advise you to go around 9 am so you don’t hit heavy traffic and you avoid the hot weather and the heavy afternoon rains.

  5. Hi Ana, thank you for a great article. I have recently moved to Jakarta from Australia and as a sewer for many years, I was desperate to find supplies and now thanks to you, I know where to go. Keep up the good work.
    Xxx Leesa

    • Hi Leesa!
      I’m glad you found the blog useful! I loooove pasar Mayestik and Toko Maju is my little wonderland. I don’t sew but I love to craft so I just get inspired when I see so many colors and textures! Hope your new life in Jakarta is going well!!! Take care! xo!

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  7. Do you know any hotel or apartment nearby this Pasar Mayastik? we (3 of us) are travelling to jakarta in april for 2 nights

    • Hi Aniza, Pasar Mayestik is in the Kebayoran Baru neighborhood. You can look for hotels in that area. Another good option is the Pondok Indah area, it’s quite close to pasar Mayestik. I am sorry I cannot recommend you a hotel in particular but I’m not very familiar with the area other than with the Pasar. The Harris Suites Hotel in FX Mall is not too far from Pasar Majestic and that could be a good option since it is right in the middle of the city and you have the benefit of walking out your door into a very nice mall with a great food court! I hope you find a great place to stay and I wish you happy and safe travels!

  8. Hola Ana: muchas gracias po la informacion de tu blog, no sabia donde ir a comprar telas en Jakarta hasta que di con el.La semana que viene voy a ir a Jakarta y quería que me dieras alguna información sobre Pasar Mayestik. Soy diseñadora de prendas de baño y estoy interesada en comprar sedas y algodones estampados de los que se utilizan para hacer trabajos de patchwork, quería saber si aquí encontrare este tipo de telas y más o menos sobre que precio cuesta el metro. También saber si Pasar Mayestik abre todos los días, pues sólo estoy en la ciudad un par de días de camino a Lombok y justo coincide en sábado y domingo. Muchas gracias de antemano por tu tiempo. Saludos desde Barcelona

    • Hola Raquel. Definitivamente podras encontrar sedas y algodones. Las sedas son un poco caras posiblemente cerca de 7 u 8 euros el metro por una buena seda pero igual puedes encontrar muchos algodones desde 2 euros el metro. Si vas a comprar mucho material lo mejor seria venir armada y lista para “regatear’. Si compras varios metros les puedes pedir que te hagan precio especial. Sinceramente no estoy segura si abren en domingo por que nunca he intentado ir pero el sabado esta todo abierto. Definitivamente es un buen dia para ir. SI tienes cualquier otra pregunta, contactame. Que tengas un excelente viaje!

  9. Hola Ana: hoy hemos estado en Pasar Mayestik y he comprado más de 100 metros de tela! Muchas gracias por la informacion…estamos alucinando un poco con el tráfico de esta ciudad para llegar a los sitios pero la compra ha válido la pena! He comprado algodones japoneses y sedas todo a muy buen precio comparado con Barcelona…mañana ya volamos a Lombok pero el paso por esta ciudad me ha sido muy provechoso gracias a tus consejos. Bss.

    • Hola Raquel! Me da muchísimo gusto escuchar que encontraste todo lo que necesitabas! Me encanta ir a mayestik y explorar, nunca sabes que puedes encontrar. Espero que tengas un excelente viaje en Lombok! Que te diviertas con la tela! Me encanaría ver que haces con ella! Besos.

  10. Hi Ana, thanks so much for this post! I moved to Jakarta a few weeks ago with my husband and have heard rumors of these fabric stores and getting clothes made. I’m intrigued and look forward to fixing up my wardrobe with some new stuff. Do you have any recommendations on what store or with what tailors to get the actual clothes made? Also, is it safe to go by myself?

    • Hi Kara! Nice to hear from you. I love toko maju for all things ribbon and appliqués. I have a list of tailors that we like to use but I am not really familiar with the tailors within majestic. You can totally go by yourself. Just don’t go when it’s getting dark. 🙂 let me know I you have any other questions! Take care and welcome to Jakarta!

      • Thanks so much for getting back to me! Do you mind sending me some suggestions for tailors? I’m definitely in the market for some good ones. Really appreciate your help and guidance!

      • Hi Kara, we have a favorite tailor, there are hundreds in Jakarta, but we are happy with her. Her name is Yana. Yana is a seamstress that comes to your house and makes excellent quality suits and dresses. We have been very satisfied with the finishing touches on her creations we have a friend who had her make over 5 suits for him. You can contact Yana on her HP 08158787910 or email yanatjou@yahoo.co.id. You can give her a try with something small first and see if you like her work.

      • Hi Ana, great article. Would you mind sending me the list of tailors, as I am planning a trip to Jakarta. Also, could you recommend tailors who are able to sew large quantities of outfits? Your help is much appreciated 🙂

  11. Hi Ana, been wondering where people go for fabric shopping in Jakarta other than Tanah Abang. And found your blog! Is it cheaper here than Tanah Abang? Thinking of bulk purchase. Planning to head on to Jakarta soon!
    Su (from Singapore)

    • Hi Su! Thanks for visiting! The prices are similar. Tanah Abang is sometimes cheaper but I feel like the quality of some materials is better in mayestik. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. I hope you have a great trip!

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  13. hi,ana , my name is Fabio I will to jakarta son, I would like to ask you if in Pasar mayestik have silks, satin, for dresses and if do you same market ,who sell fabrics from india,thanks, your blog is very useful.

    • Hi Fabio. They do have silks, satin and Indian fabric for dresses. The prices for the silks and the beaded fabrics are a bit high but I think they are cheaper than in other places in South East Asia. I hope you find what you need! 🙂

  14. Hello Ana,

    Many thanks for this reveiw. I live in the UK and I’m about to start my own fashion business and any and every advice i can get will help alot. I’m looking to go to Indonesia later this year and i have a few questions please.

    What time of the year is best to go?
    What are the best places to buy Kebaya fabrics?
    Where can i find tailors or semstress?
    I would appreciate list of fabric markets to visit please….

    • Hi Mola, Indonesia is certainly a fabulous place to find fabric. To be honest any time of the year is fine since Indonesia is a tropical country. Two good places to jut fabric are pasar majestic and pasar Tanah Abang. You will find all kinda of stuff from all over Indonesia there. I don’t know Tanah Abang very well but you can find lots of seamstresses and tailors right there at pasar majestic. I hope you enjoyed your trip and I wish you success in your new venture!!

  15. hi ana,,, im living in serang, a city west from jakarta, visit to mayestik is toooo far, but once a month i always decide to go to mayestik, i love love love so much mayestik…i love cotton fabric and collect many of them for making patchwork and fashion…
    are you still living in jakarta?

  16. One of my fav store in mayestik is De’majestic . They have a rather extensive collection of fabrics. Check it out x

  17. Hi Ana, I really enjoyed reading your blog! It was so helpful. I live outside of New York City and I am designing a line of beach wear and having much of it made in Bali. I am planning a trip back in August. I was thinking of coming to Jakarta to source more fabrics and your blog was so helpful. wanted to see if you mind if I asked you a few more questions, or if maybe you would know anyone I could email to get more information?

    I know that I can find the beautiful batik fabric but do you know if anyone there carries fabrics from India? say beaded fabrics for tunic tops making and or the beautiful hand blocked printed Jaipur cotton fabrics?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Your life sounds wonderful – I have 2 boys also but they are grown up in their 20’s – enjoy every minute with them – its goes way too fast!!!

    Laurette Kittle
    Greenwich, CT. USA

    • Hi Laurette, I am so sorry for my super late reply but we were in the midst of moving and I barely have had time to catch up with email let alone stumble abroad. I hope you were able to find the fabric you were looking for. Majestic does have lots of Indian shops but usually not the nice handmade cottons. Hope you are doing wonderful. Warm regards.

      • Oh good, that’s the name of the area/district? I’m getting cross eyed from looking at Agoda’s map trying to find mayestik from the big map 😂

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