Our Vacation By the Numbers

As I suspected, I have limited access to internet. Limited in the sense I’m not willing to pay 20 euros per day for internet at the hotel and dragging my laptop to a coffee shop with two kids plus a small bike is just too much to deal with. I was able to get a cheap deal for a sim card and 3G access on my phone so at least I’m not completely incommuniqué.

We’ve been in Germany for about 10 days now. We’ve had a great time just being able to walk everywhere; enjoying European fare and delighting in seeing the boys take in everything and enjoy their surroundings. Evan has been having a blast. He loves chasing pigeons, stopping at every playground he walks past, talking to other kids and particularly enjoys riding the tram and the metro.  Joshua smiles at everyone and loves being carried around in his new carrier.

In perspective, this trip has been one we’ve greatly enjoyed so far. God has been very good to us and we are grateful for the opportunity to spend some time together as a family and get out of Jakarta for a few days.

If I had to summarize our trip as my engineer husband would, this is what it would look like:

Sixteen hours traveling from Jakarta to Dubai and then to Frankfurt

Five outfit changes during those 16 hours due to diaper blowouts, spilled juice and playing with water

Three early mornings due to jet-lag

Six different baby meals tested to end up feeding Josh Griess cereal almost every day

Four visits (so far) to Asian restaurants so Evan could eat rice

-Two friends met and caught up with

One visit to the Frankfurt zoo

One visit to the Natural History Museum

Multiple kilometers traversed by foot and by pedal-less bike

Countless visits to playgrounds and summer fests

Way too many cherries purchased and eaten my me (at 3 euros/kg you would too!)

Infinite grains of sand stuck on clothes, stroller and sippy cups after playing in the different sand lots for hours

Two very happy boys and two even happier parents enjoying the look of excitement and awe in their kid’s faces as they discover new things and see the place where their parents lived for their first year of marriage thru new eyes

Here are some photos of our trip as of now. I forgot my camera cable so these were taken with my phone. I will try to keep updating but will be back fast and furious in September when I get back to Jakarta and the routine and internet connection allow me to actually sit down without trying to keep Evan from getting in Joshua’s crib and Joshua from tipping the trash can and trying to eat whatever treasures he might find there.

8 thoughts on “Our Vacation By the Numbers

    • It’s been crazy busy but tons of fun! I bet the cherries back in the US are pretty good, too. It’s nice not to pay 30 usd for a little basket of cherries!

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