{JakartaforKids} The Playground @ Kemang

Sometimes mommy needs a break from the confinements of apartment living. Apparently toddlers need a break every single day and a great option for some break time both for mom and kid is the Playground @ Kemang.

We have visited this playground a few times. Every single time Evan has left very tired but very eager to stay; if even for one more minute. This is a great place to meet with friends and let the kids run around wild while mom chats  (without loosing sight of the monkeys) or even catches up with e-mail (free Wi-Fi, yay!). They have a BBQ area, which is great to host a party and a few cabanas with shade to sit down and take a break.

The food in the restaurant is very kid-friendly. Nothing fancy but easy on the palate of a picky toddler. Prices are really good and it’s a good option if you don’t have any lunch plans or forgot to pack a snack. They have nice fresh fruit juices and natural popsicles. The restaurant area does not have AC but has some very potent fans.

The playground area is very nice and safe with padding in the ground and the little sandlot is a fun shaded area that will satisfy the cravings of your little sandcastle architects (and sand eaters). There is a small racetrack around the playground that’s great for kids who like to ride their scooters around.

The best part of this little playground is the water area. It has a couple of slides that for some reason can keep Evan occupied for at least an hour! The slides seem very safe and the padding on the bottom of the slides provides great cushioning to even the most intrepid sliders. They have a good shower outdoor shower area and a smaller indoor shower so come prepared to bathe your kids if you wish to do so.

The Playground has a membership system that I think is quite convenient for families who live in the nearby surroundings. Since we are a bit far to make a commitment to take a advantage of the membership we just pay the daily membership fee of 65,000 Rp. per child. Each kid is allowed to visit with two adults and any extra adults have to pay 50,000 Rp.


-Bring a small bike or scooter for your children to play in the playground area. I used to forget all the time but now every time I go I make sure I bring it so Evan doesn’t get any wheel envy and tries to play with other kid’s wheels.

-If your kids are independent players, bring your Ipad and sit down, sip a juice and catch-up with your friends in Facebook enjoying the free Wi-Fi

-Let the kids play in the “dry” area and sand lot first so they can get sweaty and then refresh in the water area.

-Bring a bathing suit, towel and change of clothes for your little ones as they will very likely run into the water area.

-Outdoor showers are available so feel free to bring shampoo and soap if you don’t feel like taking some wet froggies back home and would rather have spic and span kids when you leave the playground.

-Put sunblock on your kids, and yourself. Although some parts are shaded, the Jakarta sun is very tricky and can sunburn you even when it’s cloudy.

-If you feel like you are lost getting there, just ask. Everybody in the neighborhood is used to “bules” asking where the playground is. There are a few signs that point you in the right direction but don’t get stressed out if you miss them.

This playground should not be confused with the Playpark in Kemang which is also a great option to visit if you are visiting or live in the area. If you have babies the Playpark is a better option because of the indoor air-conditioned area. If your kids love to play with water, the Playground offers a better water-play area.

The Playground @ Kemang
Kemang Dalam IIIB #B6
Ph: 021 719 6962

9 thoughts on “{JakartaforKids} The Playground @ Kemang

    • It’s a nice one. But again it’s about an hour drive (or more) from us… You seem to have gorgeous natural places to visit, though! We have to pay and hope to find a nice clean place! haha Come visit. The kids would love it!

  1. OMG, thank you so much for this! I had planned a birthday party for my son there and your reviews assured me that we picked the right place oh and you and your boys will be invited accordingly of course 😉

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