{BaliForKids} Cheeky Monkeys Daycare Service in Bali

So, you are taking a vacation but in reality you need a vacation from your vacation…. Been there? I know I have since traveling with kids is very fulfilling but very exhausting, too. When I was taking Evan to Miniapolis at the Beach Walk Shopping Center I stumbled upon a daycare center right by the playground, it’s name: Cheeky Monkeys.

I looked inside their nursery and it was a beautiful, clean, happy place. I looked at their prices and they were very reasonable: 100,000 rupiahs for two hours. I looked at Joshua, the diaper bag, the swim gear bag and the stroller; I decided, Joshua is taking a break at the nursery alongside all his baby gear and Mommy will be able to watch Evan monkey around in the playground while daddy and abuelo go get a massage. The outcome was a happy baby, a not over-tired mama, very relaxed daddy and abuelo and an exhausted Evan (yay!).



Although Josh was too young to enjoy all their offerings I think he had a great time. Since I was just a few meters away I could drop by and check on him and he was happy playing in the padded area. They had an awesome area with Imacs and Ipads and a small craft area. Joshua even “made” a necklace out of fabric and cotton for mommy.



They also offer half-day and full-day programs for parents who need a break. If I was staying in Kuta I would definitely consider doing this at some point since the caregivers are very professional and nice and their programs can keep kids all ages engaged for a few hours. They even offer a joint program with Miniapolis and the food court in the area so you can rest assured your kids will be well-fed and entertained.  After I talked with the owner for a few minutes she told me that they have an even bigger center in Sanur which has an outdoor playground. I will definitely keep it in mind next time we go to Bali so mommy and daddy can enjoy a nice meal together, maybe get a massage or even better, take a nap…


Cheeky Monkeys Daycare Center
Beach Walk
Jalan Pantai Kuta



Beach Walk



2 thoughts on “{BaliForKids} Cheeky Monkeys Daycare Service in Bali

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  2. Cheeky Monkey’s been my favorite place to put my son to play while mommy and daddy go on a date 😊 He’s always happy after 2 hrs playtime there and he’s always come home with a craft he made while he’s there. All the staff are really friendly. I wish I could find a place like this in Jakarta.

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