Agro-Tourism in Bali, the coolest kind of Tourism for Kids

Who would have thought that a 2 year old would have more fun looking at plantations than playing at the beach? This was our experience as we visited Bali Pulina in the gorgeous mountainous area of Bali.

We had hired a driver for the day and when I mentioned to him I would like to check out the coffee plantations he knew exactly where to take us.  Bali Pulina is located bwtween Ubud and Kintamani about 7km from Ubud.

As we entered this quasi-jungle young Indonesians who spoke perfect English greeted us. We asked about the pricing and we were not charged anything. We were led through the plantation as they explained the process for planting and harvesting different types of crops including cacao, coffee, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. As they opened the floor to questions all I wanted to know was if they had any of the spices for sale.

Evan had a blast running down the hills and looking at all the different plants. He jumped from puddle to puddle and amazed as we looked at the different insects and animals that called the plantation home. Joshua was amazed at the tall trees and loved watching the birds fly by.

After going down the hill and looking at the civets (wild cats) that produce or rather decompose the coffee used for Kopi Luwak Evan decided he had to play with them and he started feeding them the coffee beans. Although he was a bit nervous he was really excited to see the cats coming forth in their cages and trying to get the beans from him.

After observing traditional coffee roasting methods and even taking a shot at roasting and grinding coffee by hand we were led to a beautiful sitting area by an astounding view of the hills in Ubud. We were offered delicious coffees and teas with different flavors including ginseng, lemon, ginger, vanilla and cocoa. Taking a break and taking in the beautiful view while sipping delicious drinks bursting with flavor was an amazing experience.

After doing a pit/diaper stop in the very clean bathrooms we stopped by the store. I bought some nutmeg and cocoa powder and my dad ended up buying tons of tea to take back to Mexico. This was such a fun and unique way to explore Bali and I would love to go back. I cannot recommend this place enough to families with kids as it is an amazing experience that even the littlest of kids will enjoy.

Bali Pulina Agro-Tourism
Br. Pujung Kelod
Ph. (0361) 901728



12 thoughts on “Agro-Tourism in Bali, the coolest kind of Tourism for Kids

  1. This looks like a great place for the kids! The view of the hills is beautiful! My husband went Indonesia recently and came back with a pack of Kopi Luwak but I’ve yet to try it.

    • Hi Ruth! It was an unexpected visit and we totally loved it. I would love to go back. As for the Kopi Luwak, the process sounds dreadful but the end product is a surprisingly smooth coffee! I don’t even add milk or sugar to it!

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  3. This sounds like my dream outing, coffee? spices? trees? I love your take on this place, I feel almost as if I visited myself instead of simply really, really wishing I did!

    • It was amazing! This was really the highlight of our trip for me…. I was so happy to see Evan and Josh enjoyed it so much. I’m sure there are similar places near Dehli. I mean India sounds like spice paradise!!!

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    • Hi Anita, I understand where you are coming from. I am by no means promoting animal abuse and I am sorry you felt that way. Our favorite thing about visiting this place is looking at all the different plants and herbs. Warm regards.

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