In All Things, Give Thanks

Today I’m thankful for another year of life. I’m thankful that in these last 29 years (yes, last year in my twenties!) God has been faithful and been by my side every day.

Today I’m thankful for my precious family. I’m thankful for my amazing husband and beautiful boys. I’m thankful for my family who despite the distance is always there for me and never lets a day go by without letting me know they care about me.

How awesome is my sister????

Today I’m thankful for friends what have become like family. Friends I can count on and rely on despite everything. Friends I can call when I’m having a bad day and visit in my worst clothes knowing I won’t be judged and will be able to sit on their couch, drink tea and have a Jakarta meltdown. I’m thankful for Skype conversations with friends thousands of miles away that start right where they left off months ago, face to face, in a coffeshop in MX or the US.

Today I’m thankful that despite all odds we are all healthy and doing well in Jakarta.With so many cases of diseases and craziness we have been spared and haven’t had to be evacuated to be treated medically.

Today I’m thankful for what seem like empty minutes. I’m thankful that each minute passing on the car waiting to get somewhere means that there will be something to look forward at the end of the journey. I’m thankful for my boys’ hugs when I get home and my friends’ smiles when I arrive somewhere to meet them. I’m thankful that even when I spend 3 hours stuck in traffic and my cellphone battery dies I get to converse with God more than I usually do.

Today I’m just thankful….

A Christmasy Thanksgiving

We were so blessed to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends that have become family. Sometimes it’s so easy to forget how God is present in our lives in even the smallest details. I woke up early in the morning and started preparing dinner for 12. I followed my mom’s recipe for Turkey and was excited to have a tasty and moist result!

You will probably notice Christmas Decorations everywhere. Since I don’t have a lot of fall stuff I just reveled and decorated for Christmas early or rather in a very Mexican timing. We had a very simple spread that included Turkey, Green Been Casserole, Mashed Potatoes made by my Nicaraguan friend Nazira and  Roasted Spiced Pumpkin.. For dessert we had Tiramisu complements of my good Spanish-Italian friend Maria, Vanilla Bean Cake and of course Apple Pie prepared by my awesome husband.

I’m thankful that we got to share Thanksgiving with friends who had never celebrated it before and we were so happy to celebrate with them a day that is devoted to nothing more than being grateful.



In other news,

I’m working in Joshua’s Birthday Party. We decided to go for  a Sailor Theme. I can’t believe my little baby will be ONE year old so soon! Time does fly by!

A small preview of Joshua’s Birthday Party

I’m thankful for Joshua’s life and that smiles that makes everyone’s heart just melt!

Today, what are you thankful for?



11 thoughts on “In All Things, Give Thanks

  1. An international Thanksgiving! Some of our most memorable Thanksgiving dinners have been those spent overseas with people who were not American and did not normally celebrate that holiday – friends who had become family and thus that made the holiday even more special.

    • Absolutely! It was so special to share this holiday with friends that had never done it before. I’m so grateful for the people God puts in our paths and the purpose he has in our lives each time we move to a new place.

  2. Oh my goodness! That Thanksgiving spread looks absolutely amazing! You certainly know how to throw a party and I can not wait to see all of the details from Joshua’s first birthday! Can’t believe it’s already here! Love your sister’s photos that is so neat! Happy happy belated birthday!

    • I wish I had had your menu, though! I wasn’t very creative an kept it very traditional hahaha! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I’ve had a fantastic birthday weekend! Are you guys in India for Christmas? Have a great weekend!

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  4. Happy very belated birthday! (I am catching up on my Google Reader.) I laughed at the “Mexican timing” of Christmas decorations. They’ve been up in El Salvador since we arrived in September! So I didn’t feel bad putting up our tree and decorations the day before Thanksgiving. I love this post — it is so easy to have a bad attitude about things (being stuck in traffic for 3 hours?!) but you manage to appreciate everything as a blessing in disguise.

    • Thanks! I remind myself that everything works out for good constantly. That 3 hour ride was dreadful but at the end I got home safe. I have to post some picture of the Christmas decorations!

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