{BarcelonaForKids} Park Güell

If you are an avid architecture junkie and are following the trail of Antonio Gaudi’s Masterpieces, Park Güell is for you. If you are honeymooning or just looking for a nice quiet place to spend some alone time with your other half, Park Güellis for you. If you have rowdy little kids who need to release some energy, run around and have a blast, Park Güell is for you. In fact, Park Güell is a must see for anyone visiting Barcelona.

Crowded but so much fun!

Not only is the greenery perfectly manicured, the park area clean and kid-friendly and the colors bursting with liveliness, but the seemingly endless mazes draw you to beautiful surprises in the form of playgrounds, flower beds, museums, and snack shops. There is no entrance fee as of yet and the only cost is 5.50 € if you decide to visit the Casa Museu Gaudi.

Evan had a blast running around!


I had visited the Park Guell when I was studying in France so I was excited to discover so many things that I hadn’t noticed before. Evan was thrilled to be able to run around and had a great time at the playground. Meanwhile Josh loved sitting on the benches and watching his big brother play and other kids run around.

Joshua enjoying the visit

On a clear day the view from atop is just mesmerizing and makes you fall in love with BCN even more. The park is so diverse and eclectic that inspiration and magic become tangible.

Gorgeous Tile Work


We did not get to see every thing at the park including the viaducts and the highest point of the park where three crosses lay. However, we had a great time and would love to go back and have the time to spends hours upon hours just running around, moving from playground to playground and enjoying the simple pleasures that life provides us.

Tips for visitors with Kids

  1. The walk up to the Park is a bit treacherous if you are pushing a stroller or carrying a heavy (at least for unfit me). Just breathe in, tighten your core muscles, and push push push up the hill. It’s worth it!
  2. Take a break on the way up, drink a 1 € refreshing sangria, buy some delicious fresh fruit (eat some, leave some to eat in one of the many sitting areas), buy some water and pack up a small snack if you want to picnic at the park..
  3. Bring bread to feed the pigeons. Evan was too scared of them but enjoyed watching other people feeding them.
  4. Wear sunblock!!!! No matter when you visit and even if it’s cloudy and it’s the middle of January. There are some areas with no shade and Barcelona’s sun is quite aggressive.
  5. Although the parc entrance is free you will probably have to pay with your time if you want to take a picture with the famous lizard by the main entrance and on other famous spots.. Summer is a fun time to visit but beware of the crowds of photo-memory hungry tourists!
  6. The metro and the bus is easily accessible and a very easy way to arrive to the park. The Metro is the L3 station Lesseps.


Park Güell

Carrer d’Olot, 13

Barcelona, Spain

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