The Blessing of Individuality

Scenario: Two little boys playing rough. They both fall down on the padded playmat.
Boy #1: Stands up, laughs and says “that was funny”.
Boy #2: Waaahhhhhhhh

Today I’m at World Mom’s Blog talking about how different and unique Evan and Joshua are. Join me there and share how different or similar your kids are!


8 thoughts on “The Blessing of Individuality

  1. I am definitely NOT at the parenting stage (or even planning for parenting stage yet), but it seems like it is just one of those things you can’t plan for, period! I am the type of person (and you are too) who likes to do the research, know what I’m getting into and have a plan, a contingency plan and a backup plan for that. But who knows how things are going to turn out! And you can’t really prepare or compare because as you said, each child is unique. Great post.

    • Hahaha, yeah no plan, contingency plan and backup plan works with these boys. You just have to play it by ear and hope you don’t screw up!!! I have learned to become more flexible and it has been challenging but oh so rewarding. I’m still working on being more creative and trying new things with Josh even if they didn’t work with Evan.

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