{Review} Dezign with a Z Wall Decals

I was so excited a few months ago when Evan’s big boy room was featured in Apartment Therapy that all I wanted to do was to make Joshua’s room magazine worthy. But then, life happened, and after doing some minor improvements of the de-pinkyfying kind I stopped there and didn’t do anything since.

I’ve always thought that wall decals and stickers can make a huge difference in a room. It’s a simple and affordable way to revamp a room and give it character. The last addition to Joshua’s room has been this tree wall decal from Dezign with a Z.

We decided to have a "floating" tree because we usually Joshua's crib there. In preparation for Dany's visit we have a couple of chairs.

We decided to have a “floating” tree because we usually Joshua’s crib there. In preparation for Dany’s visit we have a couple of chairs.

The Dezign with a Z website is very user-friendly and it makes it super easy to find exactly what you are looking for. After looking at their modern decal section  we fell in love with several designs. The variety in designs, sizes and colors inspired me. At the end  we opted for the tree in white.

Dezign with a Z

You will be sure to find what you are looking for!



Since the room serves as a guest room on occasion we didn’t want to make it too childish and thought the tree looked somewhat robotic and modern enough to look good both in its nursery mode and as a guest abode. Being expats the fact that we move around is key so we also needed something that would be easily removable when we leave and that won’t ruin the walls.


Overview of the Room

The wall decals arrived in impeccable conditions in a very sturdy poster tube within a few days and included a very informative instruction packet as well as a rubber squeegee that was very helpful in the installation process. The website even includes a step-by-step guide to install a wall decal and an installation video that will shake out anyone’s fears of sticking them on the wall.

We are very happy with the result and looking forward to our next wall decal adventure.

4 thoughts on “{Review} Dezign with a Z Wall Decals

  1. The room looks great and I LOVE it! I love the combination of white and gray. I agree with you that wall decal is a great way to revamp a room and it’s very affordable!

  2. Hermoso, me encanta la combinacion de las plantas con las sillas, la misma estetica y los almohadones soniados! Te felicito.

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