Sightseeing Singapore with Kids

We’ve come to the conclusion that the easiest and most effective way to sightsee with the kids are tour buses. Sure, they are a bit more expensive than riding public transportation (where available), but they are the easiest and most-tourist friendly modes of transportation we’ve found. We certainly appreciate the fact that the drivers are … Continue reading

The Concrete Landscape of Singapore

For me, one of the most enjoyable parts of Singapore, other than the fresh air, delectable food and amazing shopping was the architecture.  I was so impressed by the various buildings and landmarks in Singapore that I really think they deserve a post of their own. I’m not talking about the gorgeous tropical scapes, but … Continue reading

Singapore Zoo

On our last day in Singapore we were hesitant whether to spend the day at Santosa or go to the zoo. Several friends had highly recommended the zoo and night safari but since we had been to so may zoos lately we were just zooed out… After we I had decided we were doing Santosa, … Continue reading

Taman Safari

Taman Safari

Taman Safari is a national part located about 80 kilometers from Jakarta. It lies between Bogor and Bandung and a definite must-see if you are in Jakarta or its surrounding areas. Other than the refreshing lower temperatures, Taman Safari boasts over 80 animal species thriving in their own natural habitat. As you commence your adventure … Continue reading